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As a member of the AMA, your interests will be represented and protected in all discussions with Federal and Territory governments and their instrumentalities, other medical bodies and commercial organisations.


As part of your membership the AMA ACT provides valuable employment and industrial advice to members. Our Manager, Workplace Relations and General Practice Manager Tony Chase, ensures that members are well advised, either as employers or employees.

Tony can be contacted Monday to Thursday, 9.00am - 5.00 pm on 6270 5410 or mobile 0403 328 084 or by email: (link sends e-mail) Outside of Mr Chase's hours, please contact Peter Somerville, Chief Executive Officer on the same number.

  • Servicing Employers with up to date information on employment of clerical staff and nurses and your legal requirements as an Employer.
  • Servicing Practitioners employed in the public and private sector.

AMA ACT  Manager, Workplace Relations and General Practice Manager, Tony Chase, is available to meet with members at Canberra/Calvary Hospital or at the AMA ACT Office in Barton.

For an appointment with Tony to discuss any of your workplace concerns, please email sends e-mail) or phone 6270 5410 or 0403 328 084.

Practice Advice

Advice including Practice incorporation, award rates for staff, locums, medical patient practice records, advertising and publicity etc., is readily available for members. Guidelines for contracts with practice principles, is available on request at no cost.

A copy of the “Recommended Schedule of Fees for Medico-Legal Work” a ‘publication’ for doctor-lawyer communications prepared by AMA ACT and the ACT Law Society, is also provided by the AMA ACT.

Members are reminded of their obligation to provide staff access to their Modern Award and National Employment Statement (NES). This information is available on

Membership Enquiries

Please contact our Membership Manager on phone 02 6270 5410