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09 Jun 2016

The AMA Council of Doctors in Training (AMACDT) is a council of the Federal AMA that advocates on issues of importance to doctors in training. The AMACDT has representaives from all state and territory AMAs and meets three times a year to discuss issues that affect doctors in training across Australia, from internship to fellowship. Major issues for AMACDT at the moment include our work on doctor health and wellbeing, the continued advocacy for safe working hours in medicine, a renewed push for flexible work arrangements across the country, support for Indigenous trainees and a fierce call for the protection of education and training conditions in the pre-vocational space.

Every successful profession needs a peak representative body to lead it forward, and in medicine that body is the AMA. Not the medical board. Not AHPRA. Not the medical defence organisations. It’s the AMA. So, what are you waiting for? Find your voice inside your AMA and inside your profession. Become a member today and get in touch with your State AMA doctor in training committees and subdivisions. 

Dr John Zorbas


Members of the AMACDT in 2017 

Dr John Zorbas – Chair 

Dr Kate Kearney - Deputy Chair

Dr Chris Wilson - Deputy Chair

Vacant NT Central

Dr Georgina Taylor NT Top end

Dr Sanjay Hettige NSW 

Dr Kieran Barr ACT Co-chair

Dr Rebeka Stepto ACT Co-chair

Dr Karthik Venkataraman SA 

Dr Patrick Galloway TAS 

Dr Matthew Cheng QLD

Dr James Lisik VIC

Dr Michael Page WA Co-chair 

Mr Rob Thomas President AMSA 

AMACDT 2018 Meeting Dates  

3-4 March (Melbourne)

28-29 July (Canberra)

27-28 October (Canberra)

AMACDT 2017 Meeting Dates  

AMACDT Strategic Priorities 2017 

The AMACDT has adopted the AMA Strategic Plan for 2015-2017.  This is reflected in the AMACDT Strategic Priorities for 2017 document.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Doctors in training can contact the AMACDT by emailing

Published: 09 Jun 2016