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26 Jul 2018

Family Doctor Week 
Victoria – Dr Jim Glaspole 

In the eastern part of Melbourne, not too far from the CBD, is a busy clinic that is so much part of the local community that locals can’t remember it not being there.

Dr Jim Glaspole joined the Vermont Medical Clinic in 2002. His father joined in 1965.

“I was part of my father’s recruiting efforts, but he left two years after I joined,” Dr Glaspole said.

“I came along as the fourth partner and there have been a number changes since. It is now solely my practice.

“The clinic opened in 1960 and this is its third location in 58 years.”

The current location Dr Glaspole refers to is as part of the Vermont South Medical Centre complex, which the clinic moved into in May last year.

“We moved from a five-consulting room practice to an 18-consulting room practice,” he said.

“There are now nine doctors.

“The nature of my practice is that it’s very busy most of the time. I inherited a lot of patients from doctors who have gone before me, so my practice does skewer a lot towards the old aged group. I deal with a lot of chronic disease management.

“I am very often treating second and third generations. I do a lot of aged care visiting – at least once a week and quite often more often.

“I also do a lot of skin cancer work and research through Monash University.”

An average full day at the clinic would see Dr Glaspole treating about 34 patients.

His work is varied and he takes great satisfaction in knowing that he and his clinic have built a good reputation for providing high quality medical attention.

He is a local and so is his clinic.

“This practice has been part of the community for more than 50 years,” he said. “I went to the local primary school because I grew up in the area.

“Even though they move away from the area, many still choose to come to this clinic.

“The way that I see it is there’s the person access as well as the disease access. It’s the combination of both those aspects that makes medicine interesting.”







Published: 26 Jul 2018