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Aged care Administrator and Adviser Panels

04 Mar 2014

The Department of Social Security is seeking applicants to serve on aged care Administrator and Adviser panels.

Panel members, who serve a three-year term, are called upon to assist aged care providers found to have breached its responsibilities under the Aged Care Act 1997.

As part of the sanctions posed on non-compliant providers, the Department may require that they appoint an approved adviser or administrator to help them meet their responsibilities under the Act.

The Act requires the Australian Government to establish an administrator panel and an adviser panel (the panels) from which approved providers must select an adviser or an administrator if they are required to do so as part of the sanctions process. 

Panel applicants must be suitably qualified and experienced. The minimum criteria set out under the Act requires that each panel member must:

  • have at least three years’ experience in senior positions in managing, or providing professional advice and support to, an aged care service or similar undertaking;
  • not be an Australian Government officer or employee;
  • have no conflict of interest between their duties as a member of the panel and any of their other interests or duties; and
  • not have been convicted of an indictable offence, be insolvent or be of unsound mind.

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Published: 04 Mar 2014