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AMA in the News

17 Dec 2013

Your AMA has been active on    policy and in the media on a range of issues crucial to making our health system better. Below is a snapshot of recent media coverage.


Forum bid to calm drug fear, Hobart Mercury, 30 November 2013

A public forum next week aims to allay fears about the safety of widely used heart medications. AMA President Dr Steve Hambleton said people taking the drugs under national guidelines should stay on them because they reduced the risk of death, heart attack or stroke.

Shaw is right and wrong, on abortion laws, Herald Sun, 3 December 2013

The AMA has released national guidelines on doctors’ personal beliefs, including a clause that doctors must take whatever steps are necessary to ensure a patient’s access to care is not impeded.

Alarm as patients quit drug regimen, Herald Sun, 3 December 2013

The fallout from the ABC’s controversial Catalyst program on anti-cholesterol drugs is gathering momentum. The AMA has branded the program sensationalist and the chair of the Australian Advisory Committee on the Safety of Medicines asked the ABC to halt the broadcast of part two of the program.

An unhealthy attitude, Hobart Mercury, 4 December 2013

Cancer tops our list of health worries, followed by heart disease. Chair of the AMA Council of General Practice Dr Brian Morton said there was a “brain disconnect” between disease and our personal responsibility to reduce our risk.

AMA call for Bali warning brochure, The Australian, 4 December 2013

The AMA and the parents of an Australian who died from methanol poisoning in Lombok want the Federal Government to place warning brochures about bootlegged drinks on flights to Indonesia.

Look beneath the surface on Indigenous health, Crikey, 10 December 2013

The Australian Medical Association’s annual Indigenous Health Report Card has been released and details a number of promising developments, as well as outlining an ambitious strategy to accelerate the pace of improvement, particularly in early childhood.


Dr Steve Hambleton, Radio National Canberra, 10 December 2013

AMA President Dr Steve Hambleton discussed the new AMA Indigenous Health Report Card, which he launch in conjunction with Assistant Health Minister Fiona Nash. Dr Hambleton said adversity in childhood can increase the risk of chronic disease later in life.


Dr Steve Hambleton, Channel 7 Brisbane, 28 November 2013

Doctors are being asked by the Queensland Government to dob in ageing drivers they believe are unfit to drive. AMA President Dr Steve Hambleton said GPs should not be expected to act as state medical police.

Professor Geoffrey Dobb, ABC News 24 Sydney, 8 December 2013

AMA Vice President Professor Geoffrey Dobb discussed a Federal Government-backed 24-hour health hotline. He said there were other, more productive methods to deliver quality health care.

Dr Steve Hambleton, ABC News 24 Sydney, 10 December 2013

The AMA released a report on the health of Indigenous Australians. The report has been launched in Canberra by AMA President Dr Steve Hambleton and Federal Assistant Minister for Health Fiona Nash.


Published: 17 Dec 2013