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26 Aug 2013

Your AMA has been active on policy and in the media on a range of issues crucial to making our health system better. Below is a snapshot of recent media coverage.


Chiros must stop claims over jabs, Canberra Times, 9 August 2013
Chiropractors will be forced to stop making anti-vaccination claims in a crackdown on poor operators from the profession’s governing board. AMA President Dr Steve Hambleton said the announcement was excellent.

Our Failing Health, Sunday Canberra Times, 11 August 2013
Commonwealth healthcare expenditure has not been front and centre of either the Liberal or Labor Agenda. Dr Hambleton said Australians have not felt the full effects of budget cuts announced by Labor in the 2013 budget.

Patients slow to join eHealth, Sunday Canberra Times, 11 August 2013
Less than 3 per cent of Australians have signed up for ehealth records in the year since its launch. Dr Hambleton said most of those records would be blank because GPs and hospitals could not easily access and enter information in the system. 

Doctors warn of excessive eating, Adelaide Advertiser, 13 August 2013
Doctors have called for mandatory cooking classes in schools and warned that Australians’ belts will get wider unless people are sent back to the kitchen. Dr Hambleton said everyone in school should be taught how to prepare and cook food.

Labor accused of social injustice, The Australian, 13 August 2013
An alliance of social and health groups met to highlight the Government’s failure to act on the recommendations of social factors that create serious health consequences.

Doctors quit over eHealth, Courier Mail, 16 August 2013
The Department of Health has admitted only 5427 ehealth patient records have been provided by doctors. Dr Hambleton said there is less than a 0.5 per cent chance that doctors or hospitals will find something of clinical relevance if they consult these records.

Disability scheme to result in cuts to costly legal action, Sunday Canberra Times, 18 August 2013
Dr Hambleton said the national disability insurance scheme will reduce the number of expensive claims lodged after bad births or pregnancies.  

Numpties with a mistrust of science spread the crazy vaccination theories, Adelaide Advertiser, 20 August 2013
The Government is giving families an incentive of more than $2000 to give their kids potentially life-saving vaccinations but they will not be able to fill out an online exemption form to collect the money. Dr Hambleton said that means there is still a loophole.


Dr Steve Hambleton, 612 ABC Brisbane, 13 August 2013
The AMA said people are spending less time preparing home cooked meals and it is making them fatter.

Pete Evans, 3AW Melbourne, 13 August 2013
Pete Evans agrees with AMA President Dr Steve Hambleton’s statement that one reason many Australians are overweight is because they can no longer cook.

Dr Steve Hambleton, 666ABC Canberra, 14 August 2013
The US disease panels which make changes to the diagnostic definitions of common conditions found 75 per cent have links to major medical companies. Dr Hambleton said it is common for key researchers to have pharmaceutical company links as companies invest in research.

Dr Steve Hambleton, Radio National Canberra, 19 August 2013
The AMA supportes incentivising parents who do vaccinate their children. Dr Hambleton said he supports the no certificate no play strategy.

Dr Steve Hambleton, 666 ABC Canberra, 19 August 2013
Di-Gesic is a pain relief drug which was banned around the world last year when it was found that it could cause death for patients with kidney conditions. The AMA is telling doctors to stop filling prescriptions for Di-Gesic.


Dr Steve Hambleton, ABC1 Hobart, 9 August 2013
After pressure from the AMA the governing body for chiropractors has moved to ban practitioners from giving unbalanced advice when it comes to vaccinations.

Dr Steve Hambleton, Channel 9 Sydney, The Today Show, 14 August 2013
Dr Hambleton discussed his call for mandatory cooking classes in schools. He said a quarter of children are overweight or obese by the time they leave school and they turn into 60 per cent of our adults.

Dr Steve Hambleton, ABC1 Sydney, Catalyst, 15 August 2013
Dr Hambleton said the sale of energy drinks should be restricted and warning labels should be made to appear larger.

Dr Steve Hambleton, SBS Sydney, 17 August 2013
Australian health experts are preparing for a late peak in the flu season and recommending immunisation for vulnerable groups.

Published: 26 Aug 2013