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Anatomy of the co-payment

24 Jun 2014

For all patients

·        $5 cut to Medicare rebates for GP attendances and all pathology and diagnostic imaging services

·        bulk billing incentives for pathology and diagnostic imaging services axed

·        freeze on indexation of rebates for medical services extended until July 2016, except for GP attendances.

Concession card holders and children under 16 years

·        $7 co-payment charged for the first 10 GP, pathology and diagnostic imaging services in a year

·        exactly $7 must be charged to be eligible for $6 Low Gap Incentive ($9.10 for regional, rural & remote)*

·        after 10 services, rebates increase by $5 if no co-payment is charged

*only GP low gap incentive is indexed

Published: 24 Jun 2014