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12 Jun 2018

The Happy Bowel
Dr Michael Levitt
Fremantle Press
RRP: $24.99


Reviewed by Chris Johnson

June is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, an annual initiative of Bowel Cancer Australia.

The aim is to use the month to highlight that although bowel cancer is Australia’s second deadliest cancer, from which more than 80 Australians die every week, it is also one of the most treatable cancers if detected early.

Dr Michael Levitt MBBS, FRACS is not acting as part of the awareness month, but through Fremantle Press in Western Australia has released a timely book about looking after the bowel.

A fundraiser launch will raise money for bowel cancer research.

The Happy Bowel is not a book about bowel cancer by any means. It is, as its sub-title states, a user-friendly guide to bowel health for the whole family.

Because, when push comes to shove, there is nothing as fundamental as a well-functioning bowel.

That’s Dr Levitt’s view and this easy-to-read 190-page offering decisively makes that case and is as entertaining as it is informative.

A respected surgeon, Dr Levitt has restored hundreds of patients to bowel health and happiness, and is acclaimed as a leading authority on bowel disorders.

He is a colorectal surgeon who won a Centenary Medal in 2003 in recognition of his work raising public awareness and understanding of colorectal cancer. He is also the director of St John of God Healthcare and the chairman of the Colorectal Cancer Research Fund Advisory Committee.

The Happy Bowel addresses questions from how the bowel works, the relationship between the bowel and the brain, bowels and gender difference and the relationship between our habits and beliefs and good bowel function.

It looks at what to do when fibre, water and exercise are not enough, and it includes case studies and a comprehensive FAQs section. In the process, Dr Levitt answers patients’ most pressing questions and he reveals some golden rules for getting the best out of your bowel.

Promoted as an essential resource for all practitioners’ waiting rooms, it seems an excellent way to educate patients in good bowel function and help them learn more about their bowel health.








Published: 12 Jun 2018