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03 May 2019

Living & Caring

By Ann Andrews and Jennifer Dann
New Holland Publishers
RRP: $32.99

This release from New Holland is the final book in a trilogy about Parkinson’s disease. Ann Andrews was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in her fifties and has previously authored two books on the subject – Positively Parkinson’s and Grandma’s Brain. This latest work Living & Caring is for people living with Parkinson’s and for all those who care for them.

Subtitled A guide for carers and people with Parkinson’s, the book draws on the personal experiences of more than 40 people living with Parkinson’s, with many anonymous quotes throughout the book allowing people to really open up about their journeys.

An easy and informative read, the book is very engaging and could be included in the list of reading material doctors might suggest their patients and their families take up.

Co-author Jennifer Dann helps bring the book to life with her command of the language and her extensive journalism experience, including reporting on many aspects of unpaid family care.


Nine Pints

By Rose George
Allen & Unwin
RRP: $29.99


Investigative journalist Rose George has explored blood in depth for this beautifully written book.

Nine Pints takes the reader around the world in pursuit of a greater understanding of the red fluid flowing through our veins.

In an effort to shed light on modern surgery and ancient healing rituals, George retells her encounters with stories from the UK – a leech farm in Wales and a trauma team at a London hospital – to Canada and a controversial plasma clinic – to Nepal and the taboos around menstruation and the challenges they bring to young girls there – and more.

Most humans have between nine and twelve pints of blood in their bodies. Nine Pints the book, has nine stories and they are all fascinating reads.


Published: 03 May 2019