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  • Gudjewg, The Wet

    22 Nov 2016
    The Top End is getting ready. We are on the cusp of the Wet Season, or Gudjewg, one of the six Aboriginal seasons.  Depending on who you ask, the season is from November to...

  • Rural Health Commissioner, here is your to-do list

    18 Oct 2016
    This is an open letter to the yet to be announced Rural Health Commissioner promised by the Turnbull government in June.Dear new Rural Health Commissioner,Congratulations on...

  • Annual migration a doctor’s bane

    06 Sep 2016
    Every winter the Top End of Australia sees the annual migratory activity of the species Latro cinericii*.They have been seen in the deepest Outback locations such as Windjana...

  • Care for yourself, and each other

    15 Aug 2016
    World Suicide Prevention Day, 10 SeptemberIn our small town in Queensland, we are reeling from the recent suicide of a colleague. Tragically, every year too many doctors die at...

  • Rural doctors want support

    18 Jul 2016
    In the first part of 2016, the AMA has been involved in three studies concerning rural health care. Briefly, they are:1. AMA Plan for Better Health Care for Regional, Rural...

  • A Circle and a Pool

    20 Jun 2016
    Dr David Rivett (OAM) has been on the AMA Federal Council in various roles since 1997 and inaugural Chair of the Rural Medical Committee/Council of Rural Doctors (CRD) since 2003...

  • Rural internet as useful as a blunt chainsaw

    17 May 2016
    As a long time rural internet user, I was shocked when going online in Hong Kong last December. No time was wasted watching an arrow endlessly circling, nor were there long...

  • Capitation no fix for GP underinvestment

    05 Apr 2016
    As I write, I have just left AMA Federal Council, where we were graced by the attendance of both the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, and the Health Minister, Sussan Ley.I would...

  • Rising rural champion

    21 Mar 2016
    Congratulations to Fiona Nash, sworn champion of rural health, on her ascension to the deputy leadership of the National Party and inner cabinet.In addition to Rural Health, she...

  • Of politicians and rectal probes

    16 Feb 2016
    Despite it being summer and the mercury hitting the 40s in many rural areas, Medicare rebates remain frozen.It is time all practitioners got active in stirring their electorates...