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  • Clearing the dead wood

    21 Apr 2013
    With the Federal Budget approaching, it is time on the farm for the annual decision to be made about which animals to keep and which to sell. Along with the steers that go to...

  • A great idea lost in translation

    15 Jul 2013
    The National Disability Insurance Scheme that is coming into being as DisabilityCare Australia is nothing remotely like the original ‘no fault’ scheme embraced by the...

  • Roadblocks to health

    12 Aug 2013
    I have just had a great four weeks on leave in Europe, finishing with a reality check in London.Believe me, the Aussie cricketers lacked a lot of skill and dedication at Lords and...

  • Plenty of ways for new government to cut waste

    07 Oct 2013
    Some statements from patients can certainly cause mirth.I was recently conducting a pre-op check on an ageing patient with Alzheimer’s when he volunteered that he had...

  • Grattan Institute ideas detached from reality

    04 Nov 2013
    The Grattan Institute report Access all areas: new solutions for GP shortages in rural Australia finds what many other studies have also concluded, that limited access to GP care...

  • Nationals produce a bobby dazzler.

    10 Sep 2013
    I have just torn up my sour opinion piece bemoaning the lack of any sound rural health policy in the election run-up. To my delight the Nationals have announced  a raft of...

  • Snake oil and our “dearly beloved” departed leader

    02 Dec 2013
    All of us make mistakes at times, and we all hold differing beliefs and, hopefully, respect each other’s varied views.However, the ABC science program Catalyst went over the...

  • Rural Practice is under my skin

    16 Jan 2012
    Being a rural GP with hospital rights is a highly satisfying and challenging career path and despite all the gloom and doom about doctor shortages, I am certain many of tomorrows...

  • Bush Bashing Deans

    20 Feb 2012
    I was recently saddened to learn from an observant Canberra Times article that, while tens of millions have been forked out by taxpayers to ensure that medical schools boost their...

  • Bureaucratic and regulatory madness

    19 Mar 2012
    Outdated and discriminatory rules and regulations are denying patients access to care in many rural locations and, I am sure, even more urban settings. Archaic protectionism...