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  • The future health curriculum

    07 Dec 2017
    BY ROB THOMAS, PRESIDENT AUSTRALIAN MEDICAL STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATIONIn many ways, the health system in Australia is on the brink of transformation. From moving away from fee-for-...

  • Democracy Inaction

    14 Nov 2017
    BY ROB THOMAS, PRESIDENT AUSTRALIAN MEDICAL STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION“The tyranny of a prince in an oligarchy is not so dangerous to the public welfare as the apathy of a citizen in a...

  • There’s no such thing as a free lunch

    10 Oct 2017
    BY PHOEBE MACINTOSH-EVANS, POLICY OFFICER, AUSTRALIAN MEDICAL STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATIONOver the course of this year, I have been the lucky recipient of (conservatively) a dozen free...

  • Tobacco smoking – enough of the puff

    12 Sep 2017
    BY ROB THOMAS, PRESIDENT, AUSTRALIAN MEDICAL STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATIONIt is no surprise that the smoking of tobacco has decreased significantly from a generation ago, amid targeted...

  • Internship Uncertainty – It’s time for a national application process

    16 Aug 2017
    BY DOUG ROCHE, VICE PRESIDENT (EXTERNAL) AUSTRALIAN MEDICAL STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATIONRight now, final year medical students are receiving offers of internship from hospitals around...

  • Climate change begets change

    27 Jun 2017
    B Rob Thomas, President Australian Medical Students' AssociationClimate change is an issue which requires drastic and immediate action. These are words we have now heard for...

  • Marriage Equality: A health issue?

    15 Jun 2017
    By Rob Thomas, President Australian Medical Students’ AssociationAs a young gay man in the 21st century, I recognise the relative ease of my existence in expressing my sexual...

  • It’s time for a tax on sugary drinks

    08 May 2017
    BY PATRICK WALKERSoft drinks are fast becoming our nation’s vice; our go-to drink choice that’s more bitter than it is sweet. Sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) are packed full of...

  • Pain for Your Thoughts

    10 Apr 2017
     ROB THOMAS, PRESIDENT, AUSTRALIAN MEDICAL STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATIONOne of the more difficult issues dealt with on a daily basis in medicine is patients with pain – not to...

  • Mixing it up

    17 Mar 2017
    ROB THOMAS, PRESIDENT, AUSTRALIAN MEDICAL STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATIONThe trouble with medicine (or should I say, one of the troubles) is that it tends to leave you with tunnel vision...