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  • McHenry Hohnen wines, single minded

    07 Dec 2017
    BY DR MICHAEL RYANSuccess breeds success. The McHenry Hohnen label, formed in 2004, is a cornucopia of success. The founders David Hohnen and Murray McHenry are Western Australian...

  • Nocton wines

    14 Nov 2017
    BY DR MICHAEL RYANYou can just about grow anything in Tasmania. It is a blessing that someone realised the Tasmanian potential to grow grapes and hence make wine. We are in debt...

  • Blended

    16 Aug 2017
    BY DR MICHAEL RYANI picked a grape, I picked another. I picked its cousin, instead of its brother.Picked more, a brother from another mother. Picked the ring-ins, All different no...

  • Prosecco – Italian Champagne?

    15 Jun 2017
    By Dr Michael RyanItaly has always been a wine producing monster. The French lay claim to the most prestigious wines and senses of tradition but Italy makes more wine, has been...

  • It’s only natural

    08 May 2017
    BY DR MICHAEL RYANHistorically, no one can lay claim to inventing wine. Archeological evidence can trace wine to Georgia approximately 8000 BC. Fermented fruit juice would have...

  • Ah the sweet life

    10 Apr 2017
    DR MICHAEL RYANAnd I thought Sauvignon Blanc was a polarising topic! Just like Ford versus Holden, the Maroons and the Blues or Lennon versus McCartney, as is sweet versus dry...

  • Ho Ho HOBART- it’s always Christmas

    16 Feb 2017
    My wife is a travel agent. So I don’t get much say in where we go for holidays. Sure we sometimes get good deals and upgrades but not all places we go to have vineyards. So you...

  • The Big Man tells all

    12 Dec 2016
    A unique opportunity was seized upon when, through a friend of a friend, an acquaintance who was divorced from someone’s sister told me that Santa was doing a “recon”. Apparently...

  • Brennan Wines – from a New York state of mind

    18 Oct 2016
    Family enterprises always ooze passion with artistic flare, dutiful care of the end product and boundless enthusiasm.The Brennans have excelled in these areas of winemaking since...

  • Shaw’s paradox

    06 Sep 2016
    I always admire those people who dream the dream and chase it relentlessly.Philip Shaw’s thoughts of making his own place in the wine world began humbly as a 14-year-old washing...