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  • Gentlemen, draw your Muscats

    06 Jul 2015
    It’s a fickle world sometimes in the wine business.What was once great and esteemed can quickly come to be considered so second-rate that only alcoholics or the old would enjoy it...

  • Wicked virgins in Rutherglen

    25 May 2015
    Never let a wine tasting opportunity go by. While watching my daughter play water polo in Albury, the wife and I had a window to sneak off to the historic town of Rutherglen. Gold...

  • The much-maligned Merlot

    20 Apr 2015
    It’s hard not to discuss the red grape Merlot without touching on the recent Hollywood movie Sideways.The film’s main character, Miles, has several tantrums in which he declares...

  • Queen of the vines

    16 Mar 2015
    It is with great admiration that I call one of the most respected and revered wine writers the Queen of the Vines.Jancis Robinson is one of the most influential wine writers of...

  • A passage to India

    16 Feb 2015
    In a classic scene from the cult British comedy Fawlty Towers, long-term hotel resident The Major reminisces about how he “took a girl to see the Oval, ...she stole...

  • Cognac - always in style

    23 Dec 2014
    I tried to be clever and find a famous quote regarding the aristocratic distilled wine spirit known as Cognac. Alas I couldn’t find one. Maybe its noble nature negated such...

  • Rock solid base for good winemaking

    25 Nov 2014
    Apparently, some Kiwis are proud of their rocks.Greywacke rock is everywhere. This ubiquitous, highly compacted gray sandstone “rock” is the foundation of soils in...

  • Golden Grampians a journey into Australia’s rich wine history

    28 Oct 2014
    If you venture a little further past the ‘dress circle’ of Melbourne wineries, you start to discover the intertwined pathways of rural development, gold discovery and...

  • If Queen Elizabeth was a wine, she would be a Chardonnay

    30 Sep 2014
    If Cabernet is King, Chardonnay is definitely the Queen of the viticultural landscape.It is widely known and grown, and though its spiritual home may be in Burgundy, it is found...

  • Trimming the bush

    05 Aug 2014
    Some 5000-plus species of grape vine exist in the world, and about 200 have been used to make consumable wine. About 90 per cent of wines are made from about 10 per cent of these...