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  • Cellar dwellers

    08 Jul 2014
    Having a cellar is a one of life’s luxuries.How you do it varies, ranging from under the bed (which has the benefit of easy access) to custom-built rooms that often show...

  • Cat’s urine or quaffing delight – the wine that divides the world

    10 Jun 2014
    Asking drinkers’ opinions on a foundation grape like Sauvignon Blanc (SB) is like asking State of Origin fans to clap when the opposition scores a try. It polarizes a room....

  • Acid trip

    29 Apr 2014
    The discussion of acid in wine can be a caustic topic amongst wine makers and, in particular, wine judges.It is bandied around by those who are keen to espouse their wisdom on...

  • What’s in a name?

    01 Apr 2014
    The outrageous and combustible hotelkeeper Basil Fawlty, with his usual sycophantic arrogance, once told an elitist guest, “Some of these people wouldn’t know the...

  • In oak we trust

    04 Mar 2014
    “Terrific Race, the Romans,” extolled an incarcerated Spike Milligan in Monty Python’s The life of Brian.Apart from schools, sanitation and the aqueduct, they...

  • Taylor-made wines from one of one of the industry’s first families

    03 Feb 2014
    Three generations of Taylors ensure that the wines produced from their magnificent Clare Valley vineyards are of the highest standard.Bill Taylor and his two sons, Bill and John,...

  • Toolangi Vineyards

    29 Jan 2013
    By Michael RyanToolangi State Forest is a wonderful natural attraction that draws campers, hikers and four-wheel drive enthusiasts from around Australia.  For wine soldiers...

  • Dexter Wines shine

    25 Feb 2013
    We are truly blessed with wine in Australia. The ability to ripen fruit, combined with the masterstrokes from the wine maker melding art, science and intuition, result in world-...

  • Coonawarra cool

    25 Mar 2013
    The Coonawarra region in South Australia is, in a geo-social sense, next to nothing and close to nowhere. As a wine producing area, it almost faded into oblivion.But a fateful...

  • The grape doesn’t fall far from the vine

    21 Apr 2013
    Who is David Franz? A designer, raconteur, wordsmith, artist, prestidigitator? Yes to all of these.  Perhaps he is the alter ego of David Franz Lehman. Maybe it’s akin...