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  • Chardonnay is now safe to drink

    06 Jun 2010
    My mother can well recall the face I would pull when asked to consume the brussels sprouts that I had artfully attempted to conceal beneath the bones of chops and other debris...

  • Chardonnay is now safe to drink

    04 Jul 2010
    By Jeremy Oliver It’s that time of the year for me when days and nights are occupied with either tasting wine or writing tasting notes. I even end up talking in tasting note style...

  • HIV funding under threat

    18 Jul 2010
    The Global Fund, the largest funding institution in the fight against HIV/AIDS faces a major funding shortfall. The US, the Netherlands and Ireland have already announced that...

  • Prosecco

    01 Aug 2010
    By Jeremy OliverSo how is traditional Europe responding to the threat of continued loss of international market share? By cheating and changing the rules as it goes along. Don’t...

  • A wine by any other name

    05 Sep 2010
    By Jeremy OliverReputations in wine are a funny thing. For a start, it’s very, very hard to get a good one. With such a competitive market, so many new wines entering it and so...

  • 2010 - the vintage Australia desperately needed

    04 Oct 2010
    by Jeremy Oliver Finally, the Gods - or simply ‘God’, if you prefer - has smiled on Australian wine. It’s been a long time between drinks, or irrigations in this case. In 2010,...

  • A grey rocketship in a bottle

    01 Nov 2010
    By Jeremy OliverToday, driving through the middle of Melbourne in peak hour, I heard a raw, rasping, but totally seductive sound coming up from the inside lane. Without question...

  • Tasmanian Pinot Finally Arrives?

    13 Dec 2010
    By Jeremy Oliver For the quarter of a century and more that I have been writing about wine, people have expected great things from Tasmanian pinot noir. During that time,...