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01 Dec 2017

The AMA List of Medical Services and Fees 2017 has been finalised, with a single indexation rate of 1.86 per cent across all fees, to take into account the rising costs of running a practice.

“Practice costs – such as wages for staff, rent, electricity, computers, continual professional development, accreditation, and indemnity insurance – have all increased, and must be met from the fees charged by the medical practitioner,” AMA President Dr Gannon said.

“The Government has frozen its contribution toward the cost of medical care – the patient’s Medicare rebate – since 1 July 2014, but the cost of providing that care has continued to rise.

“As a result, today there is a significant difference between the AMA fees – which reflect the real cost of providing care – and the Medicare rebates.

Medical practices can’t absorb these increasing costs for five years in a row. They have to increase their fees – and without an increase in the Medicare rebate, patients will have to pay more out of their own pockets.”

This year’s 1.86 per cent rise is lower than last year’s average rise of 2.35 per cent.

The Fees List is now available online at:

Published: 01 Dec 2017