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  • When I’m sixty-four…1953 Austin A40

    07 Dec 2017
    BY DR CLIVE FRASERIn 1958 Sir Paul McCartney was 16 years old when he wrote a song about ageing and relationships.It had the title, When I’m Sixty-four.The song was eventually...

  • Nocton wines

    14 Nov 2017
    BY DR MICHAEL RYANYou can just about grow anything in Tasmania. It is a blessing that someone realised the Tasmanian potential to grow grapes and hence make wine. We are in debt...

  • Everything old is new again

    14 Nov 2017
    BY DR CLIVE FRASER 1959 Dodge CoronetAnyone in the market for a new car these days would expect air conditioning, power windows and cruise control.Electric seats and an auto-...

  • Country blues guitarist in the Deep South … of NSW

    13 Nov 2017
    BY CHRIS JOHNSONRagtime – it’s that feel-good sound of yesteryear that is currently enjoying a healthy revival among music lovers everywhere.Fast, earthy and complicated, it is...

  • Healthy adventure beyond the backyard

    13 Nov 2017
    REVIEWED BY CHRIS JOHNSONIf outdoor adventure is what keeps your mind, body and soul healthy, then there is no shortage of places to go and activities to attempt across this huge...

  • The end of the road?

    10 Oct 2017
    BY DR CLIVE FRASER1990 Subaru BrumbyIn human years, 27 is rather youthful and still regarded as a young adult.But in the motoring world, 27 years old is geriatric and well past...

  • Tommy thrills at the Opera House

    03 Oct 2017
    BY CHRIS JOHNSONAustralia has no greater guitarist than Tommy Emmanuel. Full stop. End of story.In fact, he is probably the best guitarist in the world.In his hands, he can make a...

  • Hope I live before I get old

    08 Sep 2017
    BY SIMON TATZIn The Who’s 1965 hit My Generation, Roger Daltry sang what is possibly one of the most famous lyrics in the history of rock ‘n roll: “I hope I die before I get...

  • G stands for Guitarra

    24 Aug 2017
    By Chris JohnsonCan flamenco, classical, jazz and blues all share the stage at the same time?Maybe. Probably. Sure.Absolutely, if the legendary Paco Peña is at the helm.Currently...

  • Blended

    16 Aug 2017
    BY DR MICHAEL RYANI picked a grape, I picked another. I picked its cousin, instead of its brother.Picked more, a brother from another mother. Picked the ring-ins, All different no...