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14 Nov 2017


The Board of Australian Medical Association Limited spent a day and a half in late October working on the strategic plan for the AMA for the period 2018-2020.

The Board reaffirmed the mission of the association as Leading Australia’s Doctors – Promoting Australia’s Health. This mission reflects the core work of the AMA, as spelt out in its constitution, and underpins all activities carried out by Federal AMA.

The Board identified four key pillars to its strategic objectives: 

  • Leading on advocacy
  • Recognising and valuing our members
  • Strengthening our AMA community; and
  • Ensuring financial security.

Underpinning these objectives is a statement of commitment: Our AMA – working for diversity and inclusion.

Under the pillar Leading on advocacy, the strategic objectives provide that the AMA will: 

  • Reinforce AMA’s role as the leader of Australia’s doctors;
  • Maintain the central role of the AMA in health advocacy for the benefit of patients;
  • Maintain the primacy of Federal Council in the medico-political policy debate;
  • Promote ethical practice based on the AMA Code of Ethics;
  • Develop the next generation of Australia’s medical leaders;
  • Provide for individual member engagement in the medico-political process; and
  • Drive public health policy for a healthier and safer Australia.

Under the pillar Recognising and valuing our members, the strategic objectives provide that the AMA will:

  • Promote and protect doctors’ health and wellbeing;
  • Facilitate equitable access to services to improve member experience;
  • Support new opportunities that deliver value;
  • Collaborate with State and Territory AMAs to identify and deliver targeted member benefits nationally; and
  • Develop and promote opportunities to identify as an AMA member.

Under the pillar Strengthening our AMA community, the strategic objectives provide that the AMA will:

  • Develop shared values, advocacy and ideas with State and Territory AMAs;
  • Value and support our staff;
  • Foster collaborative engagement with State and Territory AMAs;
  • Develop a coordinated communication strategy with State and Territory AMAs; and
  • Identify opportunities for sharing of resources to promote cohesive practices and deliver efficiencies.

Under the final pillar Ensuring financial security, the strategic objectives provide that the AMA will:

  • Grow AMA membership in collaboration with State and Territory AMAs;
  • Increase non-membership income streams;
  • Undertake investment of capital to provide sustainable income and future growth of capital;
  • Require subsidiary businesses to be financially successful and sustainable;
  • Require subsidiary companies to align with AMA strategic objectives; and
  • Encourage the development of viable innovative business streams through AMPCo.

At an operational level, the strategic objectives are delivered through an annual operational plan. Progress against that plan is reviewed monthly by the Board at its meeting. The revenue expectations and expenses of the annual operational plan are built into the Federal AMA’s annual budget.

The Board is interested in your feedback on the AMA strategic objectives 2018-2020. Comments can be sent to me at


Published: 14 Nov 2017