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Police appeal for AMA help in solving gruesome murder

17 Dec 2013

Queensland police have turned to the medical profession for help in solving a gruesome murder mystery involving a headless torso found alight in farmland near Gympie earlier this year.

Rural fire crews called to a small roadside blaze in a rural area about 10 kilometres east of Gympie on 19 September found the torso of a man, estimated to be aged between about 25 and 35 years, on fire.

The man’s head had been severed just above the collar bone, his hands had been removed and his torso and legs from below the ribs had been cut off.

Police said attempts to identify the man had so far failed, and they were seeking help from the medical profession.

“Assistance is sought from members of the Australian Medical Association who may be able to assist in identifying the deceased male,” the police said.

Forensic examinations showed the man had been between 180 and 190 centimetres in height. His chest was 109 centimetres, his shoulders were 39 centimetres wide, and his torso was 47 centimetres long.

The police said there were no illicit drugs found in the man’s system, but a number of medicine compounds had be detected in samples taken from the body, including:

·        Diazepam;

·        Nordiazepam;

·        Temeazepam;

·        trace amounts of Morphine;

·        Doxylamine;

·        Irbesarten; and

·        Quinine/Quinidine.

In addition, the man suffered some calcification of his backbone and had a slight curvature of the spine.

There were no tattoos on the torso, but there were some other distinguishing makes that might help identification, including an old three centimetre scar on the right side of the back, about halfway down.

“The origins of the scar are unspecific, and may be due to an injury or minor surgical procedure,” the police said.

The man also had two small circular scars on both shoulders “consistent with marks incurred from immunisation needles”.

Police have appealed for any AMA member or their staff who may be able to provide information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Adrian Rollins

Published: 17 Dec 2013