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27 Aug 2018

Canberra’s Street Theatre is again presenting another classic play with (tenuous) links to what could be described as medical-related terminology.

In the 19th Century, Austrian author Leopold von Sacher-Masoch wrote the novella Venus in Furs, depicting a man surrendering himself to a woman to be dominated. The book made such an impact that the term masochism (derived from the author’s name) entered the psychiatric lexicon.

In 2010, American playwright David Ives adapted the story for the stage and set it in modern times, calling it Venus in Fur (dropping the s at the end of fur). He has received wide acclaim for it.

And the team at Street Theatre are excelling with it.

A two-person play; actors Joanna Richards and Craig Alexander offer compelling performances throughout the whole 95-minutes of this very witty dark comedy.

The story is about a playwright who can’t find the perfect woman to play his leading lady, until one aspiring actress turns up and turns the tables on him.

Very soon, she has all the power as the man surrenders to her.

Directed by Caroline Stacey, this production is an edge-of-your-seat escape into a funny and seductive game of cat and mouse.

It runs until Sunday, September 2.

Bookings on (02) 6247 1223 or

Reviewed by Chris Johnson

Published: 27 Aug 2018