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Career development

As the competition for medical training positions increases, proactively managing, planning and reviewing your career is now more than ever a critical component of helping you secure that much coveted role.

For our doctors in training, we recognise that you need to gain the edge when applying for positions – we can help you create an application that will have you standing out from the crowd.

We know that there are many practitioners who have never, ever had to sit an interview and as part of a career direction change find themselves having to update their CV, address selection criteria and attend an interview.  The Career Service can assist.

The first impression you make upon applying for a new job is through your cover letter, curriculum vitae (CV) and interview. These tools require attention to detail ensuring they deliver the message to your employer in a clear and concise manner, whilst still conveying the right information.

To assist you in being better prepared and more confident to engage in your interview process, AMA Career Advice and the State AMA Careers Advisers/Consultants offer a range of support services for doctors and medical students.

These may include:

  1. Writing a Medical CV - a self-paced online learning module available via doctorportal Learning for AMA Members (FREE) and non-members. The learning includes a sample CV download for easy reference
  2. CV development and review sessions
  3. review of cover letters and other application documents including selection criteria responses
  4. career assessments
  5. interview preparation
  6. career tips and tricks.

The AMA Career Service aims to support you in navigating and proactively managing the professional challenges and opportunities that present throughout your career lifecycle.

Contact your AMA Career Adviser that supports your State or Territory for details on their one-to-one career advisory services. Please note, some services are paid while others are only available to AMA Members.


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Mardi O'Keefe, Manager – Medical Career Service

Mardi O’Keefe is a career management and organisation development professional with 20 years of experience working in the corporate, government and health sectors.  Her expertise is in supporting individuals to navigate and manage the professional challenges and opportunities that surface throughout their career.    Mardi is experienced working with professionals at all stages of their career – from graduation to retirement - and supports doctors operating at all levels within a health service hierarchy.  Mardi has a BSc (Psych) and a MAppSci (Organisation Dynamics) and is a member of Group Relations Australia.  She is accredited to use a number of psychometric tools including Birkman International and the SHL suite of products.


Carolyn Speed, Senior Consultant – Medical Career Service

Carolyn Speed is a career management and legal professional with diverse expertise in both the private and public sector as consultant and a senior lawyer. Carolyn has a BA (psych) and Llb (hons). She has extensive knowledge of the medical profession, with particular insight into training pathways, career progression and health services gained through her work with health clients, as well as through her strong family and personal connections in medicine. Carolyn is an experienced manager, mentor, advisor and coach and is a valuable resource to AMA members commencing or navigating their career pathways.

IMPORTANT: Please note that when accessing these services, 3-5 working days’ notice is required, prior to application due dates and interview dates to allow sufficient time to complete the service and provide you with the best opportunity for that competitive edge.


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