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“I joined the AMA because I wanted to be part of the conversation.”

Dr Danika Thiemt, Emergency Medicine Trainee


The AMA represents you

  • By providing individual industrial representation and/or advice to assist with workplace disagreements or disputes.
  • By providing you  with resources to enables negotiation of agreements with your medical colleagues
  • Be represented to Federal and State governments to protect your medical future for the benefit of your patients.
  • By speaking out on behalf of its members and the profession on matters of ethics and concern – such as immunisation, bullying and harassment and  climate change., for example

The AMA leads change

The AMA exists to promote and protect the professional interests of doctors and the health care needs of patients and communities.

The AMA promotes ethics (link to AMA Code of Ethics) in medical practice and guides the profession in use of social media, use of personal mobile devices and images (I’ll get the correct title) and more.

The AMA has promoted Safe Hours for medical practitioners for many years.  It conducted Safe Hours Audits in 2001, 2006 and 2011. By highlighting the impact on patients and DITs through powerful advocacy, the AMA continues to pressure health bureaucracies to ensure safe work hours.  

So what have the AMA achieved recently for me?

  • AMA campaigning has seen a significant expansion in GP Registrar training places, with an additional 300 first year GP training places available from the beginning of 2015.
  • In 2015, the AMA brought together 40 professional leaders from across the medical profession, to bring about cultural change and strong action against sexual harassment and bullying within our profession.

Join the AMA

The AMA supports you as a professional and saves you money

AMA membership offers you discounts on products and services and member-only resources to help you in your daily practice and career:

*Please note that membership fee differs from state to state.

*The above figures are for illustrative purposes, demonstrating benefits available to members and based on 2015 figures. 

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The AMA protects you in the workplace 

What would you do if you knew your pay was wrong?

Sometimes practitioners wait up to 6 months for resolution of issues and underpayment can be in the vicinity of $14,000 - $20,000 particularly for surgical trainees.

The AMA will work with you to ensure these errors are rectified at no cost to you.

Case study: Underpayment

Dr Weston* had been rostered for 76 hours during a fortnight in which a public holiday fell but had not been required to work on the public holiday. Although her employer paid her correctly in accordance with the clause relating to observed Public Holidays, they failed to pay her in accordance with the Payment of Overtime clause, which required them to pay her for 4 hours at the overtime rate of 150%.

As a member of the AMA Dr Weston was able to access assistance in raising the matter with both the HCN and the Health Industrial Relations Service; and advising the employer that an obligation to comply with the overtime provisions of the Agreement was required.  (The dot point approach didn’t work so well on this, I think, but if the context has now changed, let me know.  I can find no reference to the Health Industrial Relations Service, can you clarify for me, please?  Do you mean the Fair Work Commission? And why was HCN involved = health communications network?) 

The AMA ensured that the error was rectified and Dr Weston received the outstanding amount of pay. The AMA did this at no cost to Dr Weston. Without AMA membership, Dr Weston would have been required to engage (referred – delete) to a private solicitor for assistance at commercial rates.

*Name changed for illustrative purposes 

The AMA provides you with a collegial network

Enhance your professional development by learning from other members’ experiences and by engaging with inspiring leaders and mentors.  

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