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04 Sep 2018

If you are working in a remote or rural community, Doctorportal Learning has a number of online learning modules that may suit your certification needs. The Cranaplus Advanced Life Support module can be completed entirely remotely, with an online theory component and a clinical assessment using Skype. This module is the only accredited ALS in Australia that enables you to undertake the clinical assessment via a virtual platform.

Dr Chris Clohesy has spent the last five years working as a GP in remote communities in Northern Territory. The key to working remote, Dr Clohesy says, is to keep your skills and knowledge up to scratch.

“It’s a difficult process finding the educational resources to be able to upskill. I spend a lot of time hunting down courses and clinical attachments to keep me up to date. And it’s a lot of time and money. Rural and remote doctors have the same educational requirements as everyone else, but it’s a lot harder to get them. And for junior registrars studying for exams it’s really hard, particularly if you have a dodgy internet connection!”

“Online learning definitely has a big role to play for rural and remote doctors” he says.

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Published: 04 Sep 2018