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Branches of the British Medical Association were formed in Australia in the late nineteenth century onwards.  Before the formation of Australia's specialist Colleges, the Branches held regular meetings to discuss medical developments and unusual cases. The BMA Branches formally merged into the Australian Medical Association in 1962.

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AMA Symbols

The AMA's logo features a serpent wrapped around a staff – the symbol of Aesculapius, the Greek god of medicine.  It is a traditional symbol of medicine used by many medical organisations the world over.  Serpents had a reputation for wisdom and were believed to have had the power of rejuvenation.  

The AMA Crest was granted by Kings of Arms (and Supporters by Garter) on 10 June 1963.  The serpent and staff also appears on the AMA's coat of arms.  The AMA's motto – pro genere human concordes – means "united for humanity" or "all as one for mankind".

Past Elected Officers of the AMA

Since the formation of the Australian Medical Association in 1962, the following distinguished members have had the honour to hold the elected officer positions.

Presidents of the Australia Medical Association


1962-1964: Cecil Colville

1964-1967: Angus Murray

1967-1970: Clarence Rieger

1970-1972: Roderick Macdonald

1972-1973: Gavin Johnson

1973-1976: Keith Jones

1976-1979: Rupert Magarey

1979-1982: Lionel Wilson


1982-1985: Lindsay Thompson

1985-1988: Trevor Pickering

1988-1990: Bryce Phillips

1990-1993: Bruce Shepherd

1993-1995: Brendan Nelson

1995-1996: David Weedon

1996-1998: Keith Woollard

1998-2000: David Brand


2000-2003: Kerryn Phelps

2003-2005: William Glasson

2005-2007: Mukesh Haikerwal

2007-2009: Rosanna Capolingua

2009-2011: Andrew Pesce

2011-2014: Steve Hambleton

2014-2016: Brian Owler

2016-2018: Michael Gannon

Vice Presidents of the Australian Medical Association


1962-1964: Angus Murray

1964-1967: Clarence Rieger

1967-1970: Roderick Macdonald

1970-1972: Gavin Johnson

1972-1973: Keith Jones

1973-1976: James Magarey

1976-1979: Lionel Wilson

1979-1982: Harold Thompson

1982-1985: Trevor Pickering


1985-1988: Frederick Phillips

1988-1990: Bruce Shepherd

1990-1991: Michael Jones

1991-1993: Brendan Nelson

1993-1995: David Weedon

1995-1996: Keith Woollard

1996-1998: David Brand

1998-2000: Sandra Hacker

2000-2003: Trevor Mudge


 2003-2005: Mukesh Haikerwal

2005-2007: Choong-Siew Yong

2007-2009: Gary Speck

2009-2011: Steven Hambleton

2011-2014: Geoffrey Dobb

2014-2016: Stephen Parnis

2016-2018: Anthony Bartone


Chairs of Federal Assembly/Federal Council of the Australian Medical Association


1962-1967: Leonard Mallen

1967-1972: Geoffrey Newman-Morris

1972-1977: Maurice Clarke

1977-1979: William Murray Maxwell

1979-1985: Ross Webster


1985-1988: David Formby

1988-1991: Clyde Scaife

1991-1995: Priscilla Kincaid-Smith

1995-1999: Peter Arnold

1999-2001: Roderick McRae


2001-2003: Michael Sedgley

2003-2009: Dana Wainwright

2009-2013: Roderick McRae

2013-2014: Iain Dunlop

2014-2018: Beverley Rowbotham

Treasurers of the Australian Medical Association


1962-1963: William Simmons

1963-1967: Roderick Macdonald

1967-1970: Gavin Johnson

1970-1972: Keith Jones

1972-1976: Lionel Wilson

1976-1979: Lindsay Thompson

1979-1980: David Formby


1980-1982: Trevor Pickering

1982-1985: Bryce Phillips

1985-1988: Godfrey Douglas

1988-1990: Rod Morris

1990-1996: Ross Glasson

1996-1996: Peter Beaumont

1996-1997: Ross Glasson


1997-2000: Stephen Phillips

2000-2005: Allan Zimet

2005-2007: Rosanna Capolingua

2007-2009: Samuel Lees

2009-2009: Peter Garcia-Webb

2009-2013: Peter Ford

2013-2014: Elizabeth Feeney