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31 Aug 2015

Since our last Newsletter, the substantive work involved in drafting and negotiating our next funding agreement was completed in July.  This new agreement will provide continuity for the activities of the PMHA, its Centralised Data Management Service (CDMS) and the Private Mental Health Consumer Carer Network (the Network) beyond 30 June 2015.  All 63 private psychiatric facilities (Hospitals) and most Payers across Australia, including private health insurers, the Australian Government's Department of Defence and its Department of Veterans' Affairs, are subscribed to these activities.

Work Plans for the PMHA, its CDMS and the Network are now in place to guide activity over the course of the next three Financial Years (FYs) from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2018.  Under the PMHA work plan, we will continue to work on issues related to funding, classification, quality of care, outcome measurement, and consumer and carer participation, as they affect the private mental health sector.  A PMHA Research and Development Working Group (RDWG) has been established to explore how to facilitate research using the CDMS data, with a particular focus on the important contribution the private sector is making in mental health.  The RDWG is constituted as follows.





Chair and Secretary

Mr Phillip Taylor

No Alternate

Consumer & Carers


Ms Kim Werner

No Alternates


Mr Patrick Hardwick


Private Hospitals

Ms Moira Munro

Ms Carol Turnbull


Dr Bill Pring

A/Prof Jeffrey Looi


Health Insurers

Ms Andres Selleck

Ms Helen Eriksson


Mr Matthew Jackson

No Alternate

Other Members

Expert Adviser

Prof. Andrew Page

No Alternate

CDMS Director

Allen Morris-Yates

No Alternate

One of the first tasks for the RDWG is to work with the CDMS Director on the development of criteria and indicators to enable the identification of effective clinical programs, that is, of effective models, or types, of hospital–based care.  RDWG will be required to develop a project brief that ensures technical issues, such as how patient groups, models or types of care and effectiveness can be defined and what additional data elements, if any, need to be collected.  The aim will be to eventually implement the agreed criteria and indicators within the CDMS’s analysis and reporting framework.

Over the course of this financial year the PMHA will also be facilitating and encouraging the uptake of internet–based access for all our participating Hospitals and Payers to the secure areas of the PMHA website so they can obtain their Standard Quarterly Reports (SQRs) produced by the PMHA’s CDMS in a more efficient and timely manner.  The AMA contract to facilitate that access has now been finalised.

Published: 31 Aug 2015