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Welcome to our Thirteenth Edition

26 May 2015

At the beginning of last year, the Abbott Government tasked the National Mental Health Commission to review mental health programmes and services across Australia.  The Commission’s report was released in April.  The Government has responded by reviving a COAG Working Group on Mental Health Reform and Expert Reference Group (ERG) to spearhead a national approach to improving mental health outcomes and access to support services long–term.   The Government has indicated that while many recommendations offer positive and interesting ideas, others may not be conducive to a unified national approach, or will require further expert investigation, all of which will be coordinated through the COAG Working Group and the ERG process.  The Government has indicated that precise timings for the delivery of work will be finalised in consultation with the states and territories.  To ensure continuation of service delivery whilst the Government considers the outcomes of the Commission’s review, existing grants will be extended for 12 months to 30 June 2016.

Articles in this Edition include the following.

  • Mental Health Reform
  • Activity Based Funding and Mental Health Update
  • RANZCP – Message from the President
  • RANZCP Private Practitioner Network – Message from the Chair
  • Private Mental Health Alliance (PMHA) Update
  • AMA Branch Roundup – AMA Victoria and AMA Tasmania
  • How to contact your AMAPG Representatives
  • Improving Primary Care Mental Health Treatment for Veterans
  • National Carer Project

Associate Professor Jeffrey Looi
AMA Federal Council
Psychiatry Craft Group Representative

Published: 26 May 2015