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17 Apr 2018

1. Intern Members claimed close to $1 million in wages owed 

When you graduate, membership of the AMA provides support and protection against underpayments, overpayments, roster and leave issues, and bullying and harassment. In Queensland, this included claiming close to $1 million in wages owed to Queensland based members. 

2. More Funding for Specialist Training Places

AMA appeals to the Federal Government resulted in funding for the establishment of training places that would lead to greater retention of postgraduate and prevocational doctors in country areas. The funding helped establish 30 regional training hubs, 100 additional specialist training places, a rural generalist program, and 240 rural GP rotations for interns.

So what’s your local State or Territory AMA doing for you?

3. Enabling cultural change

The AMA-led call for cultural change and strong action against harassment in the medical workplace in 2015 drew national attention. Medical professionals were encouraged to report incidents to ensure there were repercussions for perpetrators who created a negative work environment. 

4. AMA Tasmania recognises medical students’ contribution each year

The Australian Medical Association (Tasmanian Branch) Prize, and the AMA Elective Award, are two awards selected and awarded each year by the University of Tasmania, and funded by the AMA. 

  • Award One: Australian Medical Association (Tasmanian Branch) Prize
    Criteria:  Student who, at first attempt, passes all the units of the final year examinations of the course for the degrees of the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, and who obtains the highest aggregate mark over these examinations.
    Current Value:  $300.00 and a Diploma
  • Award Two: The AMA Elective Award
    Criteria:  Successful completion of the fifth year, proceeding to Elective term (selection on the basis of proven financial need and quality of submission).
    Current Value: $500.00

5. AMA Victoria has renegotiated the new working contract (EBA) for all doctors in Victorian public hospitals… and crushed it!

By the time you are working in Victorian public hospitals, you will benefit from an unprecedented number of improvements. Not just pay increases for the next four years, but better conditions like increased funding for your continual training, more stringent controls on your working hours, and better leave and return to work for new parents. Boom!

6. The AMA AMSA partnership

The AMA collaborates with AMSA in their advocacy, representation, and supports them on the important issues affecting the medical students of Australia.

7. Each year, States have a program of dedicated intern readiness seminars and workshops

Watch this space for further information and dates.


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Published: 17 Apr 2018