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05 Mar 2019

A big welcome to all the new AMA student members for joining the AMA’s ranks! Each quarter we answer a burning question that’s relevant to medical students and which will help you achieve your medical career goals. This month I was asked:

Dear Career Adviser, what are your 3 top career resolutions for 2019?

3 smart career investments that are sound for every year!

  1. Self-assess & add to your CV: look ahead to the next role you want to take on and review the selection criteria for that. Identify at least one that you do not yet meet the requirements for and devise a plan to achieve that by the time you are going to apply for that role. Write it down and list the actions needed, along with deadlines for those actions. It could be communication skills, research, a clinical procedure, keeping a clinical logbook, or time management.
  2. Act on feedback: Be brave – ask for and accept feedback from those around you and then commit to improving those aspects of your work. As you get used to doing this, it will become less uncomfortable and you will overcome your shortcomings as you realise the benefits.
  3. Have your “elevator pitch” ready! You never know when someone will ask you “what do you do?” Embrace this as an invitation to not only tell them what it is you do now, but also wow them with your future plans. This practice will help increase your ability to perform in job interviews. The most striking part for your audience will be seeing the spark in you – your passion for your work and career plan.

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Published: 05 Mar 2019