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05 Mar 2019

A thunderclap in a field of chatter. I’ve heard the super docs of AMA have some influence but how do they rise above as one voice for the voiceless?

Behind the defence shield of AMA’s super-headquarters, we find some impossible missions they chose to accept. I may not be Peter Parker, but my investigative journalism has revealed some heroic results!

Barriers to care for patients in Aged Care facilities must be removed

The Royal Commission into the aged care sector comes amid a rising torrent of concern over safety and quality. The AMA President Dr Tony Bartone appeared as a wittiness to the Royal Commission and stressed that “doctors who visited nursing homes usually had a long-standing association with their patient’s clinical care.” Dr Bartone also spoke about the barriers to care that included a lack of registered nursing staff and underfunding. The collective work of passionate community members, allied health staff and doctors will hopefully forge a better path moving forward.

“If in Doubt, sit them out”

The AMA has partnered with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), the Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Physicians (ACSEP), and Sports Medicine Australia to establish Concussion in Sport Australia.

The AMA recognizes that concussions can be hard to recognize, and that they are not always a result of a direct hit to the head – any hit to the body that transmits a force to the head can result in concussion – and symptoms may take hours or even days to develop. Given the potential consequences the AMA believes we have a duty to increase awareness of the signs and dangers of concussions.

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Zaheer Jayhoon 

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Published: 05 Mar 2019