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07 Nov 2018

I’m coming to the end of my internship and am still not sure what specialty to pursue. What advice can you give me about choosing between so many options? My main interests are critical care but I’m also considering paediatrics.

Knowing which path to follow in Medicine can be daunting. It’s a big subject but I’ll outline a few key factors to consider:

  • Do what you love – you need to be genuinely and strongly interested in your chosen field as it’s a commitment for life. Additionally, ask yourself - how will a chosen specialty support your future ability to fulfil your interest in research, academia, digital health, working abroad…?
  • Location – consider the work settings your options will offer – hospital or private practice, opportunities in non-metro and rural areas - both during and after training.
  • Identify your strengths
  • Work/life balance – how will the job pan out 10 years on and will it be in line with your life.
  • Be realistic & do the work now of researching what’s expected. Do you want to commit to the requirements? Colleges provide extensive materials regarding their training programs online and welcome enquiries from prospective trainees.
  • Plan B – always have this and a Plan C. Be prepared to flex with opportunities and hurdles that will inevitably arise throughout your career.

Find out more with our AMA Speciality Training Pathways Guide and refer to individual college websites. Alternatively ask our career advisor today.

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Published: 07 Nov 2018