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07 Nov 2018

AMA Victoria: Advocacy wins $1.5 billion for the redevelopment of Footscray Hospital. The hospital was built in the 1950s and no longer meets the needs of the local community. It’s a welcome announcement for patients and the hard-working doctors, nurses, and other staff who have been anxiously awaiting this news #influencer

AMA Queensland: Is hosting a free Surviving Rural Relieving Seminar on Thurs 29 November, which is highly relevant to student and junior doctor members. Not sure if you can make it? Students around Australia can join us via live webinar session. Information and how to register for this event can be found here. Learn More

AMA Western Australia: The junior doctor welfare subcommittee is running a Peer Support Program Workshop in February 2019 to explore different peer support models. This will help enable hospitals to provide a tailor-made peer support system that will meet the needs of WA’s Junior docs. For more information, contact: Dr Rosalind Forward, DiT Welfare Sub-Committee Co-Chair at

AMA Tasmania: Recently hit the road, touching base with graduating students across all three medical school campuses. AMA doctors and our CEO Tony Steven took the opportunity during September to enjoy lunch, answer questions, and update students on lobbying and advocacy activity AMA has been a part of in Tasmania throughout 2018. 

AMA-ACT: ACT medical students were one of the most important reasons behind AMA ACT’s push for an inquiry into workplace culture at ACT Health. We want to make sure you are entering the workforce in an environment that is warm and welcoming. Contact us for more information.

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Published: 07 Nov 2018