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Medical Certificate Pads

Medical Certificate Pads and Letter of Support Pads can be ordered from the AMA(SA) office.

Medical Certficates are used to advise that a medical practitioner has seen a patient and can confirm their sickness/unfitness for work for a period of time.

Letter of Support Certificates have been designed to assist in the situation in which patients present after the term of their illness and can be used to indicate that in the opinion of the medical practitioner the patient was sick at a particular point in time.

Medical Certificates should never be 'back dated' (ie they should not indicate that they were signed prior to the date of consultation) but a medical practitioner may give an opinion that a patient was sick prior to the time of presentation.

To order a pad, download and return the form here or call the AMA(SA) office on 08 8361 0101.

Medical Certificate Pads and Letter of Support Pad Prices

5 Pads (100 pages per pad)$61
10 Pads (100 pages per pad)$88
5 Pads (100 pages per pad)$91.50
10 Pads (100 pages per pad)$132.20
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