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New defence provisions for mandated notifiers

Defence provisions for mandated notifiers commenced on 28 April 2014 and apply in special circumstances.

The defence provisions apply when a mandated notifider has failed to notify a reasonable suspicion of neglect or abuse of a child because:

  • the mandated notifier only became aware of such circumstances as a result of information imparted to them by a police officer acting in the course of their official duties or
  • the mandated notifier only became aware of the child's situation from another mandated notifier who has already made a report with regard to the situation.  

The defences do not apply in situations where a mandated notifier possesses additional knowledge of the child's circumstances beyond that reported to them by a previous notifier or police officer. In these circumstances the mandated notifier must make their own report to the Families SA Child Abuse Report Line (CARL) on 131 478. 

See the new defence provisions for mandated notifiers fact sheet below for further information and the Families SA website here.

Information for this item was provided on 28 April 2014 by the SA Department for Education and Child Development

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